I met Angela in college and although we live just across the bridge from one another, we have mainly kept in touch just like most, via social  media.

Angela has to be one of the most genuine individuals I’ve ever met! Angels’s positive spirit is beyond inspiring. Although we don’t have a personal relationship, I’ve always felt like she’s one of those friends you don’t talk to every day, but once you connect (or she posts on Facebook, lol) you pick back up where we left off.

Angela Tisdale, a proud mother of three, is a professional photographer and co-owner of Ultimate Stomping Ground, a private gym and fitness club owned by her and her husband Bryant Tisdale.

With a skill for snapping the unexpected. Angela creates a story with her work. Whether you’re looking for a lifestyle shoot, a head shot for a portfolio, or memorable wedding photographs, Angela’s has got it all covered.

An advocate for self-care and health, Angela uses her platform to encourage others by writing blogs, sharing positive messages, and posting workout videos.

…What advice does Angela have for aspiring entrepreneurs? “I’m a believer,” she said. “If God is tugging on your heart to do something, then do it. Life is too short to not be obedient. Don’t worry about income and other things that come with it. God will provide you with the tools you need. We are an example of that. When we started, we had very little income, but over time, everything has worked out. We’ve been blessed. I’d also encourage people to seek out advice from other entrepreneurs and to ‘legalize’ yourself and your business as early as possible. Take your time with the paperwork, separate your finances, and make sure you’re properly insured and protected. If we didn’t do these things, we never would have been able to work with the school systems.”

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Angela is an inspiration to all creatives feeling that they need to limit their talent and focus on only one art!

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