I met Hope Kriisa at a family friend’s house, if I remember correctly, it was a surprise birthday party. Hope and I connected instantly, it could be because we share the same birthdate, not year.

Hope and I both share the love of music, I had the chance to hear her sing one night out in Ybor City, come to think of it, that night was my favorite karaoke outing to-date!

Hope exemplifies, why focus on one form of art when you are gifted in multiple? A creative after my own heart!

Hope Kiriisa is an ambitious, charismatic, curvy model. Hope’s portfolio includes her work with some of the industry’s top brands such as Levis, DKNY and Vince Camuto. She has also captured the attention of celebrity designers such as Melissa McCarthy, Giuliana Rancic, Wendy Williams, and Jessica Simpson to name a few. Hope currently models on-air for the world’s leading retail television station, The Home Shopping Network, HSN.

Being born to Ugandan parents, strong values and morals were instilled in her at a very young age. Growing up, being a fashion model was not something that she dreamed of becoming, as she was lead to believe by society that only tall and slim women could model. Unexpectedly, during her sophomore year of college at the University of South Florida while majoring in Economics, she caught the eye of a fashion stylist and her life went in a new direction.

Hope enjoys creating music and acting, which has landed her several roles in commercials with high aspirations of taking her talents to the big screen. In the meantime, she is pushing the boundaries of her modeling career. The enthusiasm and fire that she has for youth is one like no other. Hope has been a motivational speaker, role model, mentor, and to youth and women for over a decade speaking at Teen Summits, Women Empowerment Conferences, and various community events.” Inspired to Empower” is Kiriisa’s initiative through the #TheHopePrint

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