Jayson Hollingsworth Bka Jay Holly is an MC/lyricist, and owner of Now or Never Recording Studio, a vocal booth, located in Queens, New York City, where he records and mixes music for upcoming Artists.

Emerging from the gritty streets of Southside, Jamaica Queens, New York. Jay is making his mark as an MC with a combative lyrical flow and unique old school sound. Executing his ability to blend beats with iconoclastic rhymes, Jay’s style of music is geared to bring back that classic Golden Era tempo that the universe hasn’t heard since the ‘90s.

His EP entitled “Written Scriptures,” consist of tracks such as “Soldiers Theme” and “Survivor” in which he provides his listeners with an inside look at life in the drug-infested and murderous neighborhood he calls home. Jay illustrates dynamic expertise with his poetic words while never using profanity to elaborate, nor use the “N” word in any of his songs.

Check out Jay’s latest video “Tap Dancing” with Illy Fontaine produced by Vitto Himself. @2020 NoworNever and VHMedia.




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