I met Marquita in college, to be more specific she was one of my roommates line sister, so Marquita would often visit with her other line sisters to plan, go over “pledge stuff” etc.

My first impression on Marquita was she was one of the sweetest, genuine girls I’ve ever met! I remember asking her to put a few tracks in my hair once and with no hesitation, Marquita made her available and the best part of it all was it was free! This moment stood out to me, because we weren’t that close, but she made me feel like we’ve been friends for years.

Marquita is a life coach and a mental wellness advocate for creative entrepreneurs, helping talented creative entrepreneurs live life mentally well. She believes that the key to mental wellness is harnessing your creativity to build a purpose-driven and profitable business. As a mental health professional, mentor, creative entrepreneur, and caregiver, she is well aware of how hard it can be to strike the right balance between creativity and responsibilities. All while trying to maintain optimal mental wellness.

A graduate of the University of South Florida where Marquita earned a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science with concentrations in social work and Latin American studies. She is currently employed full-time as a behavioral health case manager. Since childhood, Marquita has been advocating for herself and others. Feeding the homeless, raising money for children diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Marquita has a professional experience of over 10 years in the field of mental health. While advocating for the mental, physical, and spiritual well being of children and families and gaining personal and professional wisdom regarding mental illnesses affecting adolescents and millennial age groups and how it affects their families.

After being diagnosed with anxiety and depression in 2016, followed by being prescribed antidepressants in the year 2017, Marquita made it her priority to promote and openly discuss mental health awareness initiatives. Through her platform, Mental Wellness Advocate, she aspires to share her story of hope and restoration while dealing with mental illness.

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